More Information to Relevant Websites and Other Info Sources

MFO Website

The official website of the MFO

MFO on Wikipedia

The MFO on Wikipedia

MFO on Facebook

International MFO closed Group on Facebook

Daily News

Daily MFO News from Egyptian Newspaper

MFO on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Page of the MFO

MFO on Twitter

The MFO on Twitter

MFO News Archive

MFO News Archive on Official MFO website

101st Airborne

101st Airborne marks 30 years since crash

82nd Airborne

UPI News Release about 82nd Airborne in Sinai

Sinai Books

Search Amazon for Books on Sinai Desert

MFO Memorabilia

Jeroen’s Website with MFO Memorabilia

Sinai Photos

A Beautiful Collection of Sinai Desert Photos on Pinterest

Photo Collection

Photo Collection Ed vd Pol Rotation 1983

MFO Pool Flickr

Over 220 Photos in a Pool on Flickr

South Camp

Instagram Photos tagged with Location MFO South Camp

Ben's MFO Page

Personal Homepage with Lots of Info

Two Really Nice Videos of the South Sinai Desert